Celebrating The Prosperous Year of Golden Pig

Whether you’re preparing for the next business plan or just scrolling around thinking about new valves installment, PT Solusi Cita Mandala is here for you.

Last February 5th, we celebrated the changing of lunar year; marking the year of golden pig. For Chinese, this is the sign of a prosperous good year ahead.

Year of pig occur only once in 60 years. That being said, many people decide to focus on their business and passion in this year for the hope of a better outcome.

It sends an important reminder for everyone to be more tenacious, hardworking, and passionate in living their life. According to Buddhist belief, there are some characteristics that make year of pig special.

Year of Pig, Year of Prosper

Pig placed 12th in Chinese zodiac order. However, that doesn’t make this sign the worst sign of all. Quite the contrary, pig’s plump and happy nature symbolizes wealth and prosper.

This is also why traditional piggy bank took pig as its form. And during the year of pig, people buy lottery in packs for the hope of marvellous winning.

But we believe that there’s no better way to celebrate this year than putting our best to give you a marvellous service for this year and ahead. This year, too, Solusi Cipta Mandala committed to provide the best solution for all of your plumbing and industrial problems.

Let us proper together in the spirit of the Year of Pig. Happy Chinese New Year.