Have A Generous Ramadan 1440 H

The holy month of Ramadan 1440 H has arrived to greet us all this year. It is a month filled with love and kindness in every corner of the road. It is a month when all of our sins could be repent, all of our faults could be forgiven, and our whole soul could be cleansed anew.

May this holy month bring us all of the joy, patience, and forgiveness, both from those who are close to us the most and from Allah SWT. May we would be able to practice our fasting and prayers dutifully without an ounce of burden in this year’s Ramadan.

Do not forget to give back to others for in this sacred month, it is crucial to spread love and kindness all around. Take good care of your health during this month of fasting so you could see it through the end and fully become a cleansed person. It is the time to double, triple, and even quadruple our savings for the afterlife. It is the time to maximize our prayers, our religious duties, and our act of kindness in this temporal world.

May Allah SWT bless us all in this month of Ramadan 1440 H and may He forgive us for all the sins that we have done in the past. Forgive others as you might want others to forgive you in this month of kindness. Hopefully, your fast would be blessed and would not go in vain.

Ramadan Mubarak for us all.