Health Protocol in the Office Area

In this COVID-19 pandemic, not only we have to keep our houses clean, it is also a must to apply health protocol in your offices. The Health Protocol itself includes wearing a mask, wash your hands, keeping your distance and of course avoiding places with crowds. In order to work with a healty body and mind, we need to be cautious towards COVID-19 transmission in office area.

First, every employee needs to be tested negative for COVID before they start working in office area, this way we are able to know whether an employee have been infected with COVID or not. Every employee who have been tested negative for COVID is allowed to enter office area.

Furthermore, every door lock needs to be replaced with contactless door button. This way, employees in the office don’t have to touch any door handle, which reduced the possibilities of COVID-19 to spread through the surface of an object such as a door handle.  Placing a handsfree door handle at the bottom of every door would be perfect to avoid contact with any door handle. You can use it by using your foot to pull or push the door to open it.

Not to mention that every employee is required to wear a mask and to keep their distance around 1,5 meter in the office area at all times, other than when they eat and drink. Wearing a mask and keeping your distance can prevent the spread of COVID-19 through coughing or sneezing. Therefore, when you wear your mask, you are protecting others around you from COVID-19.

Last but not least, offices need to be equipped with hand sanitizer spots throughout the building. It is a way to kill bacteria from the surface of objects you touch. With several spots of hand sanitizer in the building, we are reducing the risk of COVID-19 spreading in your office.

Following this, equipping your office area with the right equipment could prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your offices. Fulfilling the health protocol in your office will ensure your safety and others around you. Safe area, safe working!