PT Solusi Cita Mandala is Now Certified as the Only Legal Distributor

What is the main difference between PT Solusi Cita Mandala and other retails? Our exquisite service, of course, along with the arrays of original products you may not find at others. We also offer the best price and experience; including guaranteed repair and maintenance during the first one year purchase. Consuments come and express their gratitude daily, towards which we rejoice by giving even better service.

PT Solusi Cita Mandala strive to be better each day. And as a proof of competency, the Ministry o Trade finally granted us the letter of statement (mainly called Disperindag letter). Per March 15, 2019, we are officially your main legal distributor for high quality Bray Ltd. products

The Legal Impacts and the Danger of Illegal Retails

This certificate sweeps all of your doubts regarding the originality of the products sold in our catalogue. Solusi Cipta Mandala is now officially the main, and only, legal distributor for any original Bray Ltd. products that are distributed in Indonesia.

You may find Bray Ltd. products in other retails, but the danger that lies there is not to be taken easily. Pirated goods, defects, products that don’t meet the company’s standard of satefty may be sold freely in other non-official distributor retails, prompting dissatisfaction upon being used.

Thus, if you strive to get the best experience with Bray Ltd., your best pick is us: Solusi Cita Mandala.